Hello, I’m Chung – a Senior UX Designer at Techcombank, Community Leader of UXVN Hanoi, UX Mentorship Program and Blogger on Medium

I have 10 years of working in design, including 5 years focusing on UX design.

UX design appealed to me because it embodies many elements of design including empathy, a user-centric approach, and understanding the needs and motivation of humans.

I was very lucky to start following a UX Design career at Bond Creative. Here I have the opportunity to work with many different customers, areas, problems to solve. My plan is to choose a specific field and become a UX expert in that – my choice was fintech. And now I’m a Senior UX Designer at Techcombank. 

Projects I have completed are Techcombank F@st mobile, My VNPT, My Viettel, Vinpearl Land website, Homefood app & website, Ames English website and app, etc.

My common saying: Learning, sharing, designing together.

Contact information

Nguyen Vuong Chung

  • Mobile: +84 98 3311 490
  • Email: chungnv3@gmail.com
  • Skype: nguyenvuongchung

The clients I have had the opportunity to work.